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Manny Oliveira

Manny Oliveira
Manny Oliveira sees life through a lens that no one else does, capturing colorful memories every time he snaps a photo. His vision is what makes Street Life Photography so incredibly distinctive.

“I love photography because it gives me the ability to capture life in the height of the moment,” Oliveira says. “I like waiting until all the elements come together to make the perfect shot.”

A native of North Jersey since he and his family emigrated from Portugal during his adolescence, Oliveira has become synonymous with what he calls the “alluring urban city images in the tri-state area.” His artistic instinct and patience regularly produce images so true to life, you can picture yourself standing alongside Oliveira as city scapes, a swatch of graffiti or the occurrences of daily life inspires him.

Through the years, Oliveira has attended multiple workshops, including the renowned Anthony Vazquez Workshops in New York City and the famed New York Institute of Photography. The knowledge gained there enhanced his artistry and ability to tell a vibrant story through one click of his camera, stories that have come to life through working in tandem with numerous teams of wedding photography studios.

“Shooting weddings is great because you get to be a fly on the wall on such a huge day for the couple and family but, unlike most flies, you are welcomed with open arms,” Oliveira says.

In addition to his prolific captures of street life and weddings, Oliveira’s work has been prominently splashed across the pages of Hipster and Catalyst magazines. Most recently, he used his expertise to capture the incandescent beauty and individual style of up-and-coming pop star Julissa Veloz.

Beyond his talents behind the lens, Oliveira is also a 29-year volunteer with a First Aid Squad, serving as president the past 10 years.

Manuel Oliveira

Manuel Oliveira
Inspired by a Who’s Who of great directors ranging from Stanley Kubrick to George Lucas to Steven Spielberg, up-and-coming cinematographer/filmmaker Manuel Oliveira has developed his talents while working on several short films, music videos, commercials, and many other projects.

Oliveira’s early work already makes him worth watching. He took several turns as director for the rising rock band Morning…, including the catchy tune “Battlefly Vs. The Janitor” from their CD “Breakfast Forever.” Oliveira also served as a gaffer for the video “Here to Stay” made by Brooklyn-based indie rock band Milagres, whose music was deemed buzzworthy by the BBC, NPR, and Spin Magazine.

Currently, Oliveira is studying Digital Filmmaking at the famed Art Institute of New York City. It is where he filmed the ambitious short thesis film “Graffiti” – the story of a graffiti artist named Chris who lives in a rough inner-city neighborhood and learns the value of hard, honest work from his policeman father who wants his son to do more with his artwork than vandalize the neighborhood with his friends. Along the way, Chris learns a tragic lesson while being torn between his family and friends, while realizing his father had his best interests at heart all along.

Before his recent ambitious work, Oliveira first got involved in filmmaking during his high school days while participating in his school’s C.A.S.T. Program, gaining invaluable experience by filming news and school events for a weekly program.

Through his lens, Manuel Oliveira brings stories to life. Watch to see what he does next!