Introducing Digna Toledo

Digna Toledo’s fascination with photography began as most love stories do: a glimmer of interest, given time and effort, developed into a passionate pursuit. It started in February 2004 with the gift of a point-and-shoot from her now-husband.

Then, in 2007, armed with a newer and better camera, Digna (who also works full-time in the medical field), decided to stop poking her camera around like a novice and decided to take classes at PhotoManhattan in New York City. Her photography took off from there and has since evolved into a full-fledged venture, images intricately captured these days with a Canon 7D & 5D Mark III.

Digna’s breadth of experience is varied. She captures first steps and first wedded kisses; your daughter’s first birthday, and then her Sweet 16. From intimate engagement shoots to family portrait blowouts to an off-the-wall “trash the dress” wedding shoot, Digna is sure to combine her artistic vision as a photographer with your desires as a client.

Best of all, she’s sure to preserve your memories and moments and you’re guaranteed to love the results. Go ahead. Let her point her lens at you.Photography by Digna Toledo | Street Life Photography

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